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Amor farm is located in the outskirts of Lucknow where it runs smoothly with international standards of practices. Amor farm is equipped with advanced machinery which includes automatic milking machines, foggers and dairy fans for cows to stay cool in summer and touch-free milk or Ghee bottling.

Amor farm has created a healthy eco-system where cows manure is used as fertilizer for growing all the necessary feed. Cows helps i production of organic crops and these crops helps in feeding the cows everything natural. We have full control over our animal feed. A nutritionist maintains the balance diet for cows. No antibiotics or harmonal injections are given to cows. These are totally prohibited from our premises. In case of medical issues we don’t retail the unhealthy cow’s milk. At farm we tend to keep the environment happy and blissful. Happy and healthy cows produce healthy and nutritious milk.

Amor farm is also producing Ghee, mattha, paneer along with organic agri products like pulses and touch-free mustard oil. Amor farm has been determined to keeping the nature healthy. On daily farm activities no single use plastic is used. This is why we have chosen glass bottles for milk supply.

Amor farm is dedicated to provide best and natural, unadulterated-unposturised dairy products along with organic food items. We believe consuming everything natural without harming the mother Earth maintains a healthy world.

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