Amor khoya is 100% pure and has a natural sweetness with pleasant taste. It is made with extra care and love. Making your occassions happy, sweet and healthy is one thing it tends to do.

Khoya is a dairy product which is used for making sweets on all the special ocassions. It has a great presence in Indian cuisine. But, with increasing adulteration we find it impossible to find pure khoya or mawa in the market. Eating adulterated khoya is very upsetting for human health.

That is why we are producing Khoya from farm fresh milk. We add nothing to the milk for additional fats. We just keep the milk on flames with controlled temperature and let it thick until we get the proper consistency. It is 100% natural. It does not affect your gut health in any negative way.

You can eat all the sweets you want if it is made of Amor Khoya. Making your occasions extra sweet with 100% natural Khoya. Enjoy freely!

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