Cultured Cow Ghee

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Amor Ghee is 100% GMO-free, lactose free and rich in nutrients. Cow Ghee is produced using traditional 'Bilona' process to retain nutrients. Everything is done precisely, from feeding the cows to monitoring cooking temperature. Enjoy remarkably aromatic and pleasant-tasting pure cow Ghee.

Ghee is one of the many product that comes from milk. It is a kind of fat that works as a immunity booster. Ghee is a very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It improves the energy levels. It also helps in relieving Constipation. Ghee consists Vitamin A which is helpful in improving eyesight.

People might think that it’s not good for our body because it’s fat. But, it’s a myth regarding Ghee. It helps in loosing all the extra weight. It is a very good source of healthy fats.

Seeing all the benefits of Ghee, we want to provide you the best and purest AMOR GHEE made by the ‘BILONA VIDHI' ( hand churning). It is also known as cultured ghee. It is ancient practice which is considered best for acquiring Ghee from the milk.

In this process, we first, boil the milk, then we convert the milk into curd after that we use the ‘MATHANI’ to whisk it. By this we collect the white butter known as Makkhan. This white butter goes straight to the pan where we cook it until it releases all the Ghee. Now it’s ready to reach you.

AMOR GHEE is made with fresh milk and fresh curd. Fresh AMOR MILK is used in this which is as pure as mother’s milk. We are determined to provide the best and nutritious product to everyone, that’s why we don’t add any thickening or added fat elements in the milk or the Ghee. It is made with pure love for nutrition. Add this in your diet and see the positive changes in routine.
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